BIO (EN) - Wicked Wezz (guitar)

Wicked Wezz got his first classical guitar from Santa Claus at the age of 8.

His father noticed his son was very wild about it and decided he should get lessons in music theory first before learning how to play the guitar. With his father's music playing in the background (nearly everything from the 60' popcharts) he studied and practiced nearly every day while his schoolfriends played outside.

At the age of 16, he put his guitar in the corner and focused on other things (...), but around his 20th birthday he then discovered a man called Jimi Hendrix. He went wild (again) and within a week, he bought himself a guitar and an amplifier with the aim of mastering the electric guitar.

His hunger for knowlegde and "who influenced who" took him to the early Mississippi Delta bluesmen... it wouldn't be too long before he started hanging around in the local bluesbars with his guitar, a slide and a few Muddy Waters songs in his pocket.

The young Wes' jamming did not go unnoticed and a local guitar player took him under his wings to teach him the various blues standards. After a few times sitting in with "The Cotton Pickers", he became their 2nd guitar player ... occasionally you could even find him replacing the drummer...

Over the years he became well known at the various blues jams in and around Antwerp, sharing the stage with Alex Rossi, Steven Troch, Al C., former "Electric Kings" members... just to name a few. In 2015, he was asked to join The Zoomatics.

People who wonder what the "Wicked" part is about, will find out after pouring a bottle of rum down him. So: don't!!!