BIO (EN) - Hoboken Slim (harmonica/vocals)

Hoboken Slim starts out as a singer in a cover band around 1980.

Very soon, however, the Blues strikes like lightning: as a result of a RockPalast concert by the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, Slim catches the Blues-virus. Due to this, he slowly gets acquainted with the Belgian Blues-scene and when he hears "Lazy Lew" Beckers play the harmonica, he's completely convinced.

At a concert by Al C. and his band, Al gives Slim the opportunity to share the stage and this is the start of their co-operation: Slim becomes the band's harmonica player.

In 1993, Slim starts, with variable success, his own band, "The Boogie Men", which is later joined by Al on bass.

However, in 1996, Slim is asked to become the singer and harmonica player with the Brussels-based band "The Regulators". With this band, he records two CD's and tours all over Europe, a.o. The Netherlands, France, Germany and Sweden. This even results in a short side step towards Duch-spoken Blues, two singles and 1 CD.

This is followed by several (own) bands, amongst which "The Mighty Bandini Brothers", where he meets Werner Braito. Werner very soon becomes a good friend. He is a world class harmonica player (cfr. Vaya Con Dios) and accentuates the importance of the harmonica playing basics to Slim.

A few years ago already, they've come full circle and they pick up where they left: Slim is asked by his lifetime friend Al to join The Zoomatics on harmonica. The rest is history...

If you ask Slim about his major influences, he will answer: "like almost every harmonica player, I could easily mention both Walters and Sonny Boys, but I was rather "rock"-oriented initially and it wasn't until I met Werner, that I went back to basics and got convinced of the importance of technique. Like that, I got "re-acquainted" with the old Masters and I noticed how difficult it is to equal their mastery. Also, last but not least, I am a singer. In this perspective, I would mention Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin and Frank Zappa (yes, Frank Zappa). It is my very firm opinion that the importance of humor and showmanship is often overlooked in modern music".


Discography Hoboken Slim:

The Regulators: Consider it Done - J-Bird Records (1997) (CD)
The Regulators: Kid's Rhythm 'n' Blues Kaffee Summer 97 - Blue Sting (1997) (Comp.)
The Regulators: Lowland Blues - DBS (1998) (Comp.)
D-Regulators: D-Day - DBS (1999) (CD)
D-Regulators: Le Blues Autour du Zinc - BAZ (2000) (Comp.)
D-Regulators: Thank You, That'll do!!! - DBS (2000) (Single)
De Vets: 't Stelt Allemaal Niks Voor - Stroom (2002) (Single)
De Vets: Dat Komt Voor Mekaar - Stroom (2002) (Single)
De Vets: De Tattoos Van de Blues - Stroom (2003) (CD)
The Zoomatics: Where's The Sun Hangin' Out? - HBS (2011) (CD)
The Zoomatics: What's With The Weather?! - HBS (2015) (CD)