BIO (EN) - Al C. (guitar/vocals)

Al C. started his musical carreer as a bassplayer with a band of friends.

Very soon, he switches to the guitar and starts his own band, Rara, in 1977. It is there he meets Hoboken Slim for the first time. Slim becomes the band's harmonicaplayer, and afterwards, their singer.

In 1986, Al is one of the founders of "The Cavemen", with a.o. "Dynamite" Steve Wouters and "Honkin'" Henk Van der Sypt (Last Call).

He then picks up the bass again in 1993 to join Hoboken Slim's "The Boogie Men".

After this, Al finds himself engaged in a whole number of different Blues-related activities: as a driver and roadie for the legendary "Electric Kings" and even as the bar owner of the not less far-famed "Blues Cargo" in Antwerp. Its unforgettable concerts and jam sessions, with Al as a guitar player, singer, bassplayer, drummer and sound engineer, will stay in the collective memory forever.

In 2000, he then founds "The Blades", together with a.o. Steven Troch and "Magic" Frank Pauwels.

Al and Slim's third musical encounter seems to be the crucial one: very soon, The Zoomatics are at cruising speed and this does not go unnoticed. Their 30-year long friendship hasn't weakened a bit, as should be crystal clear when one listens to the band.

Al gets his musical inspiration from records by a.o. T-Bone Walker, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Little Walter, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson and the Big Bands of the 40's.